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Trauma Recovery – Yoga, Relaxation and Mindfulness


Trauma Sensitive Yoga combines ancient wisdom practices with a western scientific understanding of stress, and has emerged from Hatha Yoga. Through mindfulness, the intention to cultivate a kind and gentle awareness of body sensations and feelings provides a foundation for the practice of Trauma Aware Yoga. This practice encourages the connection and transformation of the vital relationship between mind, body and heart to support wellbeing and promotes the active cultivation of the innate wisdom of the body as a pathway for growth and healing. Gentle postures and the conscious connection of mind and body through the breath, form the development of new ways to compassionately relate to stress, pain, tension, trauma and chronic illness.

Reflections from participants

Is there anything you feel you learned about yourself during the program?

“Connection and peace in your body allows you to be more peaceful in your mind”

“Breathing techniques and relaxation helped with my sleep patterns”

“This program highlighted the need in my life for these practices. I felt it demonstrated clearly the layers and complexities of how trauma affects the mind AND body and that practices like these are beneficial. I felt this keenly throughout a few trigger moments along with noticing how I really carry trauma in my body”

“I’ve been able to use these skills independently to calm my body and mind”

“Connection between body and mind. I can use my body to calm my mind and vice versa”

Are there any ways you think the programme could be improved?

“A follow up program to enhance and maintain skills and connection through recovery would continue the journey”

“Honestly feel this course could be longer, however it is a great introductory package to ease people into it”

Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Relaxation and Mindfulness for First Responders – Coffs Harbour

Date:     September, 2021

Time:     11am-12:30pm

Bookings: https://events.humanitix.com/tsyjune

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