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Relationships, love, compassion and COVID-19

Relationship for human beings offers some of the most painful and exquisite moments imaginable. As we hibernate in the melting pot of social isolation whether alone or with others, a myriad of things can rise to the surface from the emotional depths of our being. Some of us will be weathering the storm that is […]

Dealing with difficult emotions

As human beings we often resist change, and change triggered by COVID-19 presents many external and internal challenges for us all. Our external challenges can include work, finances, housing, relationships, food and home schooling, as a mere tip of a vast iceberg we don’t have control over. Internal challenges include the impact of stress on […]

Climate Emergency and the Nature of Mind

Connected to the challenges we face associated with the climate emergency there are a range of things people may be feeling and experiencing. There is no right way or wrong way to feel. We can find greater ease through developing skills and tools to process feelings and emotions so we can notice when we are […]

Navigating challenges in times of chaos

Collectively we have experienced much stress in recent times, and this stress can manifest itself within each of us in different ways. The uncertainty of our current situation only compounds the anxiety many of us experienced during lockdowns, drought and devastating bushfires. Is there a way to navigate through the coming months while maintaining our […]